12 Easy Challenges to kickstart a healthier and happier you

12 Easy Challenges to kickstart a healthier and happier you

There are little things that you can do to help you feel happier, healthier person. Drink water, sleep well, eat well and dress well are all important, but you can do more. Here are a few simple and free ideas to improve yourself.  You do not need to do all at once but try something new each day and make it a habit for the long run.



  1. Go for a walk every morning
    Start moving. You can fit a short walk (or a long one) before you start your day, after breakfast. It is an excellent option not fit the gym workout in the afternoon. The results might surprise you more than you think. I personally feel much more refresh after a morning walk and full of energy for the day.
  2. Take your lunch break outside
    Eating at your desk and /or during work will make you unproductive and unhealthy. Do not take your work to lunch with you. Sit in a relaxed atmosphere restaurant, walk around or go to a close by park if there is one. Soaking 15 minutes in the sun is relaxing plus you get some vitamin D on the way.
  3. Try a new fitness or Yoga Class
    You could go to the gym and do your routine exercises but challenge yourself to something new. Some classes are free, and other will offer first-time free pass. You might find that yoga or a new workout will do miracles. Even if you go to yoga, challenge yourself to a different style, in steam or heat, and you will find new things about yourself.
  4. Have no electronic screen night
    The blue light from TV, computer, iPhone or iPad on top of the fact that your brain keeps working overtime can have a severe impact on your resting sleep. Make a night for you and your family if possible to relax and find other things to do before going to bed. You will find new ways to connect with people plus get a better night sleep.
  5. Walk the 10000 steps daily
    If you go for a fast walk, it should not take more than one and a half hour, but the problem is that sometimes we do not have time in the day for a walk. By monitoring your steps with a fitness monitor/tracker that starts less than $20, you can be sure that in the course of a day you can walk the 10K steps. Or, download an app. A friend of mine is using Beach Body on Demand (membership) that can track your heart and much more. We hight recommend the APPLE HEALTH APP that can track Activity, Nutrition, Sleep and more.
  6. Keep a mood ledger
    As much as your physical health goes, your mental health is no less important. You have to pay attention to your feelings. When you keep a mood journal and the reasons for your moods, you will know what to avoid later-on. There are also mood apps that can help.
  7. Do not forget to drink plenty of water
    It is crucial to drink water even if you are not thirsty. If you are not tracking your water intake, start. Water will keep your bodywork, healthy skin tone and good mood.
  8. Get a hobby
    Whether if it is art, movies, music, food, wine, collecting, pets, games, you name it- when you love something, it will do you good. Try WIKI HOW to find which hobby is a match for you.
  9. Fit extra hour of sleep
    Go to bed earlier, and after a good night sleep you will get up refresh and ready for anything that will come your way.
  10. Meditate for 15 minutes daily
    Studies find that those who meditate can process emotions, attention, and awareness much better than the ones who don’t. Meditation helps decrease the sensations of anxiety, and you won’t respond to them as you might have.
  11. Do not forget to Love Yourself and Give to others- so important, even before anything else
  12. Spend quality time with your family or friends

Spending quality time with your family and friends has many proven benefits. It builds self-esteem, nurturers positive behaviors for adults and kids, creates bonds, creates memories that last and it relieves stress.



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