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Selling To JetOffer
Traditional House Sale
Property sale price (example) $5,000,000    $5,000,000
Average days to find a buyer0 Days    120 Days
Average days to close36 Days    120 Days
Average total days to closeChoose from 30-90 Days    240 Days
Average days to prep the property0 Days    30 Days
Average number of qualified showings0 Showings    6 Showings
Agent commission 4%    $200,000
Jet Offer fees 0%


Seller concession closing costs 1%$50,000    $50,000
Seller's holding costs and maintanance*$50,000    $250,000
Loan and Appraisal ContingenciesNo    Yes
Repairs and assesmentsTBD    TBD    
Vacancy Rate. We buy AS-ISTBD    TBD
Cash To Seller$4,900,000    $4,500,000


  • JetOffer fee = 0%. Some competitors charge a fee of 5%-6%
  • Transparency- All transactions are via Escrow.
  • All prices and estimates are for illustration only. Each offer and/or situation is unique
  • Offer eligibility and price will vary. We are not obligated to offer according to any other buyer’s offer or 3rd party estimate
  • Standard value estimates by online and offline sources, might be way off the actual value plus they do not include increased or decreased value variables like a location, repairs, market conditions, vacancies etc.
  • Closing costs might vary by area and property type. Usually 1% -2%
  • In some cases like with distressed properties, there are investment risks, long-term cost of money and uncertainties
  • Estimated net proceeds shown do not yet account for customer’s mortgage payoff, taxes, liens, etc.
  • All offers are subject to verifications and inspections
  • JetOffer with its affiliates is an investment company, not Real Estate agency


Why closing commercial property takes more time?


Usually, the average escrow period for Commercial properties is longer than residential.

  • It depends on the property types.
  • Negotiation process which in many cases starts with LOI, Letter of intent.
  • It is not uncommon to see 60-120 day “due diligence period”, in which the purchasing entity explore the purchase from many directions.
  • The appraisal which usually takes 1-3 weeks.
  • Financing complexity which usually takes 45-60 days after the due diligence period.
  • Environmental issues and reports that the bank requires before they start with the financing process.
  • Preparation of financial projections.
  • Verification of leases and licenses.
  • Many transactions and done by groups of investors which makes the bank’s verification process longer.
  • Legal issues.
  • Unexpected requests from the bank that might take longer and in many cases the buyer needs an extension.


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