Pricing & Benefits

Selling To JetOffer
Traditional House Sale
Property sale price (example)$250,000    $250,000
Selling Process
Average days to find a buyer0 Days    90 Days
Average days to close14 Days    50 Days
Average days to prep a house0 Days    10 Days
Average number of showings & open house0 Showings    10 Showings
Average total days to close

Choose from 7-90 Days    

140 Days

Transaction Costs
Agent commission 6%$0    $15,000
Jet Offer fees 0%


Seller concession closing costs 1-2%$4,600    $5,000
Seller's holding costs$500    $7,000
Subject to loan approval and appraisalNo    Yes
Repairs and assessment. We buy AS-ISTBD    TBD
Cash To Seller$244,900    $223,000


  •  JetOffer fee = 0%. Some competitors charge a fee to cover holding costs 6%-8%
  • All prices and estimates are for illustration only. Each offer and/or situation is unique
  • We are not obligated to offer according to any other buyer’s offer or 3rd party estimate
  • Transparency- All transactions are via Escrow and according to the contract. You have the option for No Fees, No Banks, No Repairs, No Commissions, No Hassles, No Surprises
  • Standard value estimates by Zillow, Home Snap, appraisal, House Canary Appraisal can be way off the actual value plus they do not include increased or decreased value variables like a view, repairs etc.
  • Closing costs might vary by area and property type. Usually 1-2%
  • In some cases like with distressed properties, there are investment risks, long-term cost of money and uncertainties
  • Our offers, like all other buyer companies, are subject to verifications and inspections
  • JetOffer with its affiliates is an investment company, not Real Estate agency

Increase Value


Panoramic view
Great schools
Large usable lot
Recently remodeled
Curb appeal
Safe neighborhood
New kitchen & bathrooms

Decrease Value


Major repairs
Bad neighbors/tenants
Unusable lot
On a busy street
No curb appeal
High crime area
Commercial neighbors

Your property offer will be based on the condition as well: Completely Remodeled, Outdated, Need Repairs, Fixer Upper etc. 


More Benefits

  • JetOffer is a qualified buyer with competitive cash offers
  • No loan contingencies
  • No Showings
  • No open houses
  • No staging
  • No commission
  • No repairs, we buy properties in any condition
  • Save on holding costs such as mortgage, taxes etc.
  • Extended 3-day stay can be arranged in advance
  • Flexible closing date between 7-90 days

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