Privacy Policy

Your privacy is a top priority for! does not sell customer’s personal information or database to any other 3rd party.


JetOffer might use the information provided in order to:


  • Enable you to request offers, respond to feedback or questions, enter for a promotion and or newsletter and or other services.
  • Contact you directly by phone, email, text or mail, in order to respond to your offer request, feedback, questions and or purchase or sale of your property transaction.
  • Create reports for our inspectors, affiliates, licensors, legal associates, accountants, and all other service providers.
  • Send newsletters and promotions which you can opt-out anytime.
  • Companies that verify the information you provided.
  • Evaluate, inspect and improve our websites and mobile devices.
  • Analyze the information with google analytics and other programs or advertising companies to measure the advertising and or website effectiveness.


Log Files

As with other websites, the logged information such as IP address, ISP (internet service provider), the time of your visit, location etc.- is collected in log files by us and Google.


Cookies and Double-Clicked Dart Cookies

We used cookies to store information such as preferences, popups, and clicks on the site. Our site is supported by third parties’ advertisements such as google ad sense program that their technology might record your information and behavior on the site. Google might use your information collected from double-clicked dart cookies to advertise relevant information matching your preferences. The only information collected by us is what you enter into the form.


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