Real Estate Agents

Welcome. JetOffer works with residential and commercial real estate agents all over Southern California. If you have a property that meets our criteria, we will buy it AS IS and save time.

Is the property sits on the market for a long time? Needs major repairs? Does the seller need fast cash? No offers? Or, in any other situation, We can help.


provide your seller with more options:


  1. Qualified cash buyers and fast closing
  2. You and your seller can skip the hassle of open houses and uncertainty closing
  3. Your client can choose the closing date plus 3 additional days to move
  4. As an agent, you will represent both, us as the buyer and seller in the transaction
  5. If the property is not listed with a broker and you have a deal, we will pay you a 5% referral fee or other agreeable amount by both parties,  in writing, before signing the sale agreement*


Sellers Do Not pay any referral or affiliate fees. These referral fees come from OUR account as part of the network marketing program. Sellers get their full proceeds as agreed.

Referral fees are only paid if a transaction closes and provided the seller has not previously submitted a request for an offer online or by telephone to JetOffer directly. The commission agreement between you and your client, and any fees payable thereunder are separate and distinct from the referral fee payable by JetOffer.


Important Notes:

  1.  If you are the listing agent- JetOffer will provide the offer directly to you
  2. * If you are not the listing agent- Your referral email or form with the seller’s name must be received, accepted and confirmed in writing with signature by personnel before one of the sellers fill up the online form or call us. Autoresponders do not count as confirmation.

2. No advertisement of any kind is allowed or will be endorsed by JetOffer unless authorized in advance in writing by JetOffer personnel. This includes but not limited to flayers, ads, banners, all social media, signs etc. To advertise online for us you have to sign up with (Coming soon) a 3rd party for our affiliate program (see above).

3. Your referral fee will be disclosed in escrow and paid by the escrow company  after closing.


Feel free to send us any property that fits our criteria


A win-win solution to the seller, buyer, and you the agent

Have more questions? We are here to help


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